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Emlyn Nolan (FIRST CHARACTER!) Empty Emlyn Nolan (FIRST CHARACTER!)

on Tue Jul 03, 2018 6:36 pm
Emlyn Nolan (FIRST CHARACTER!) Giphy
Birth Certificate
Name: Emlyn Nolan
Age: 22
Date of birth: August 4th 1996
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Place of Birth: New Rome
Hometown: New Rome

Ethnicity: Irish
Skin color: pale
Hair color: blond
Eye color: blue
Height: 5ft 3in
Body type: thin,
Notable features: long nose, small scar that runs down her chin from the left corner of her mouth.
Clothing: doesn’t really have a specific style. Tends to wear whatever she’s comfortable with.
Dominant Hand: right

Legacy Of: Mars
God Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent: Frye Nolan
Other Family: younger brother

Personality: Emlyn is a very soft spoken girl. That doesn't mean that she is in anyway shy. She just never feels the need to talk all that much. Emlyn makes friends easily, and is a genuinely nice person.
Flaws: tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, afraid of spiders, and allergic to bees
Talents: archery, gardening(specifically herbs and plants used for healing), and swimming
Languages Spoken: she speaks some Irish, because her mother is fluent.
Likes: same as Talents
Dislikes: bees, spiders, and spicy food
Secrets: doesn't have any.... yet
Social Status: Her family, while in the middle class spectrum of New Rome, is still fairly well known. Frye Nolan owns one of the only bars in New Rome. But people know the Nolans mainly for their kindness, and hospitality.
History: Emlyn was born to Frye Nolan August 4th 1996. Emlyn grew up in New Rome in the apartment above the bar her mother owns and runs. It wasn’t the greatest of places to raise a young child, but Frye managed it fairly well. Emlyn was 10 when she was taken by Lupa and trained. Upon returning to Camp Jupiter she was placed in the Third Cohort. As she grew older, Emlyn juggled her cohort responsibilities as Opito and helping her mother run the bar. After she finished her ten years of service, Emlyn retired from the Legion and applied to New Rome University where she is currently working towards a medical degree. She hopes to be an ER doctor one day. She also works some weekends at her mother's bar to earn extra cash. And also helps her mother with her younger brother, who is only seven.

Weapon: bow and arrow
enhanced healing: Emlyn can automatically heal almost any wound within certain limits, usually depending on the severity of the wound being healed.
Prophecy: Emlyn sometimes can “see” the future. It happens very rarely, and she has no control over it. Because of this the prophecy is usually incomplete and doesn’t give enough detail to actually know what's going to happen.
knows every type of medical plant in the world
Knows how to use any type of weapon she puts her hands on.
Cohort: 3rd cohort
Faceclaim: saoirse ronan
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