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oliver samuel marbot garrett

on Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:41 pm
"Historia est vitae magistra"

Birth Certificate

Oliver Samuel Marbot Garrett. Oliver’s name means peace, like extending an olive branch. He likes to think that it’s actually the Germanic version which means “Elf army.” Samuel and Marbot are both family middle names. Samuel has been the middle name of men his dad’s family going back generations. Marbot is Oliver’s grandmother’s maiden name, and when his dad was born he was given it as a middle name because it is an honorable and noble French name. It’s also the name that Oliver’s family vineyard uses. The last name Garrett means strong or brave.

Ollie (to close close friends and his sister)


Date of birth:
March 14th, 2000



]Place of Birth:
Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California

Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California


French American

Skin color:

Hair color:

Eye color:


Body type:
Slim Athletic

Notable features:

Oliver is fashionable and stylish without trying. He is usually somewhat nerd chic, with solid color tshirts and dark nice fitting pants with the occasional flannel or sweater, but he cleans up super well. At a formal event you can find Oliver in his signature maroon or emerald suit.

Dominant Hand:
Left Handed


God Parent:
Clio, Muse of historical writings

Mortal Parent:
Francois Samuel Marbot Garrett

Other Family:
>>Natalia Garrett, sister, 16
>>Keegan Garrett, brother, 16
>>Tyler Garrett, brother, 12


Oliver is an extremely out-going and excitable person. He is usually bouncing-off-the-walls excited about whatever it is he is doing at the time. Oliver is great with words, but he often gets ahead of himself and ends up tripping over his words or rambling on. People are naturally drawn towards Oliver, but he is utterly unaware of it. He can be utterly inept in social situations, not reading the room very well. Oliver is a Ravenclaw. He is obsessed with history and the past and storytelling. Ollie can get caught up in his stories and sometimes lose touch with reality. One of his bigger character flaws is that sometimes he forgets that other people are different than him, or even there at all. He can expect people to react in the same way that he would or doesn’t think about what they would do at all. He tends to have more empathy for the dead than living people he less than loves.

>>Communication and Rhetoric

Languages Spoken:
>>French (spoke around his house, especially by his dad)
>>English (spoke in his schools and community and with siblings)
>>Greek (natural ability)
>>Latin (learned for archeological interest)
>>Arabic (learned for archeological interest)
>>Spanish (learned for archeological interest)
>>Italian (learned for archeological interest)
>>Learning Portuguese, Hebrew, and German (learning for archeological interest)

>>Comic Books
>>French food
>>Wine tasting
>>In N Out Burger

>>Petty People
>>Taco Bell

Oliver isn’t good with secrets, even when they’re his own. Most of the time if something is a secret, it’s not on purpose. He tried to keep it a secret that he spoke French when he started camp, just to see if he could, and he spoke French to his centurion the first day.

Social Status:
In the wider world, Oliver’s family is rich and high class. On the micro-camp level, Ollie is more of a floater. He could probably settle down in any group that he wanted to, but he doesn’t care to.

Oliver was born in Livarot, Normandy, France. His mother was only there for the birth, leaving Oliver with his father, Francois. Right after he was born, Francois met a professor on sabbatical at the university he taught at named Annie Heather. She was from California, and they fell in love. When he was 1 and a half, they moved to Healdsburg, California and opened a vineyard. They named their wine company Marbot, a family name from France.  It became super popular and was often served at fancy and formal events. Oliver was wine tasting when he was as young as 7. Oliver’s dad was a professor of writing and his step-mom was a professor of history. Together, combined with his mom’s genes, they fostered Ollie’s love of historical stories. This translated to a love of archeology. Oliver went to his first archeological dig with the university at the age of 7. Oliver was a happy kid, nothing out of the ordinary. He got along well with his siblings and Annie was just Oliver’s mom to him, not a step-mom, despite the fact that they never told him otherwise.
Oliver went to archeology camp every summer until he was 12, when he spent his first summer at camp. His first summer, and the next summer, he couldn’t stand not being at archeology camp, so he tried to do digs at camp. Sometimes he would find some really cool stuff, which he collected. The next summer, when he was 14, he became a full time camper so he could study at a high school for archeology and historical studies in New York. He has been a full time camper since, but made frequent visits back west. In the fall, Ollie is planning on going to NYU.


CB Knife Set, used more for excavating than fighting

Oliver has a way of telling if historical facts are right or wrong. They needed to have happened before he was born. It’s more of hunch then a sure-thing, but then he is good at doing research for the truth.

Oliver is also drawn to good archeological sites. He has to do all the hard work, but he can find them.

Grant Gustin

"History is the tutor of life"

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Re: oliver samuel marbot garrett

on Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:58 pm
shouldn't greek be the language he's natural at?
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Re: oliver samuel marbot garrett

on Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:00 pm
Yeah, probably. I switched who his parent was and didn't change that. Edited.
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Re: oliver samuel marbot garrett

on Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:01 pm
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Re: oliver samuel marbot garrett

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