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Birth Certificate
Name: Georgina “Gin” Hadley
Age: 18
Date of birth: January 20th, 2000.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Place of Birth: Ligonier, Pennsylvania. A small town where everybody knows everybody.
Hometown: Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: Light tan
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5’1” and she doesn’t appreciate the short jokes.
Body type: Thin
Notable features: Strong jawline. Has a septum piercing, although she doesn’t wear the nose ring. She has other piercings up her ears.
Clothing: Very stylish in a borderline punk way.
Dominant Hand: Right

God Parent: Hermes. Hermes met Lilian at the local high school, Roosevelt High. He was masquerading as a substitute teacher while the former one was away on maternity leave. Nancy, who was the english teacher, found him charming and momentarily forgot her husband, Dennis. They had an affair throughout his substitute teaching career, ending when Mrs. Beecher returned and Lilian figured out she was pregnant. Before he left, Hermes gave her the instructions she needed to protect his child.
Mortal Parent: Lilian Hadley.
Other Family: Step father is Dennis Hadley. She has an older half sister, Katrina. Dennis runs the local hardware store. Even though Dennis knew of his wife’s adulteries and what had become of it, he agreed to accept Gin as his own. He knew that in a small town, even the smallest bit of drama can ruin lives.

Personality: Gin has been rebelling since she was old enough to throw a tantrum. She’s always breaking rules or ignoring people with authority. She doesn’t just break rules to say she has, it’s more that the things she wants to do requires breaking the rules. She’s always been defiant of the way society wants her to act. Living in a small town was claustrophobic to her, and she often acted out because she felt everyone breathing down her neck. It was easier to act out than it was to follow their expectations. She’s fun loving though. She’s very sympathetic to others, as long as they’re nice to her first. She cares very deeply, although she refuses to admit it.
Flaws: See above.
Talents: Roller derby, rule breaking, lock picking
Languages Spoken: English, a little bit of high school french.
Likes: old sci fi movies, rain storms, fall, parties
Dislikes: being forced to do things, old romance movies, too hot days
Secrets: She secretly cares about what other people think
Social Status: Well known amongst the troublemakers
History: Gin grew up with the knowledge that Dennis Hayes was her biological father. There was no reason to question it, they looked pretty similar. Sometimes when she was walking home alone, she’d see weird things. People she didn’t recognize who stared at her a little longer than what was polite. Shadows that appeared and then disappeared when she blinked. She would never mention these to anyone, her mind convincing her that they would lock her up in a psych ward for it. In her town she was known for being a bad seed. She talked back, she refused to be the cheerleader who went on to date the quarterback. She didn’t want to be the person other people expected her to be. She’d smoke behind the gym, or sneak into the movie theatre. The older people in town called her a menace. She didn’t really care. Then, when she was walking home alone, she was attacked by a cyclops. Thanks to its big size, it was rather slow. Gin was able to outrun it, and make it home. She told her mom what she saw, and demanded answers for every weird thing that she saw before. That was when her mom told her. The next day she was at camp half blood. Her friends back home were told that she was sent to military school.

Weapon: Celestial bronze longsword
Powers: none
Abilities: none
Faceclaim: Caitlyn Stasey

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